Outdoor Venues: Pros and Cons

The Pros
Having an outdoor event is a great way to use nature as your muse. The seasons can have a huge impact on your setting and nature is always a good backdrop for any venue. From sand and sea to babbling brooks or beautiful forestry, having nature on your side is a great Pro.

Beautiful outdoor venue. Makes for a great photo shoot!

The natural scenery provides a majority of the décor you’ll need for your setting, which makes it a budget friendly option. Another Pro of having an outdoor gathering is the intimacy level of the event based on the size of the outdoor setting. Small outdoor venues such as a backyard or private beach, provides an intimate space for those close to you. A large outdoor venue such as a golf course provides enough space for large parties, keeps the mood light and doesn’t make the guests feel like they’re crowded.

A nice outside outdoor set-up.

The Cons
-Although very beautiful, holding an outdoor event comes with a few pitfalls. First, when outdoors, you are exposed to all of the elements, and unfortunately weather is not always on your side. On any given day, especially with the unpredictable weather patterns of the summer and spring, what was supposed to have been a beautiful spring day can turn into nightmare; if you’re not prepared with a Plan B covering or alternate space, weather can pose an unexpected danger to your event.

Outdoor events also mean unexpected weather!

Having an outside even can also mean a sudden gust of cold air or some guests being positioned under the beaming sun. Outdoors can also deliver other unforeseen drawbacks, such noise from neighboring events, traffic, or airplanes flying above, which can make it difficult to hear the ceremony or chat with guests. Pests can also make an outdoor event quite irritating. Lastly, for guests who are asthma and allergy sufferers an outdoor event can be unbearable if they haven’t prepared by taking the proper medication.

Important Financial Discussions Every Couple Should Have Before Saying “I Do”

Good advice. Something most couples don’t think to do!

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Good Morning Readers,

I apologize that it has been almost a week since my last post. I was at a destination wedding in Hawaii. Clearly, not a bad way to spend a week. While enjoying the reception and talking with guests, I kept overhearing people wonder how the bride could afford this wedding. “She has so much debt. Does Jeff know?”

This got me to thinking about marriage and full disclosure. The idea of marriage is that you are committing yourself to another person, you are becoming one, you are a team for better or worse and for richer or poorer. Most of the time the latter statement is associated with financial futures, but what many couples often forget is your financial pasts are now linked as well. 

Of course this is not the most romantic thing to say, but every couple needs to have a financial discussion before agreeing to…

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